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MHS prohibits engaging in any practices that constitute Information Blocking of Electronic Health Information (“EHI”). MHS intends to provide access, exchange, and use of EHI without interference, subject to the requirements and exceptions contained in applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

All EHI that we are currently technically able to provide via the patient portal is available in the portal. If you would like EHI not in this portal, please contact the affiliate Release of Information team as noted below. They will be able to provide the EHI in an alternate manner once the appropriate disclosures are completed.

Please be aware, communications sent through the patient portal are not monitored. If you have questions about your medical care contact your physician directly. For medical emergencies, please dial 911. For technical questions regarding access or use of the patient portal, please contact the applicable affiliates’ Health Information Department as follows:

  • MMC  217-788-3531
  • DMH  217-876-2500
  • TMH  217-707-5570
  • ALMH  217-605-5570
  • PAH  217-245-9541 ext 3285

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